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Hello I'm Allen!

I am a 4-year-old male greyhound who is white and black in colour and gentle and easy-going in nature. I have spent several weeks with a family of 4 people, learning the ropes of domestic life and I am coping extremely well.

Firstly, I am a very good eater. My breakfast and dinner meals have been quite varied and I can be relied upon to clean my bowl out almost every time. I do like the odd snack during the day and before going to sleep at night as well. Despite this, I am not a pest when other food is around. I don’t bother my foster family when they are eating and I am not looking to pinch food that is not meant for me.

Secondly, I have exemplary behaviour around people in all environments. I like meeting strangers and I am very calm when I do so – I am not a jumper or a licker so I don’t overwhelm people at first. I am more than happy to stand still and get a pat or a cuddle with no fuss whatsoever.

At home I can be left to myself quite a bit also, be it inside or out. Inside I have a comfy mat, which I like to spend a lot of time on, regardless of whether I have company or not. Sometimes I might go looking for random fluffy items around the house to bring to my mat for a bit of fun but I am unlikely to do them much damage. Outside is fun to spend time as well – I can curl up on my bed, the lawn or a newly-dug dirt patch if the urge hits me.

Similar to my behaviour around food, although I do like attention and a bit of a game with my carers, I am not constantly looking for someone to amuse me so you won’t need to occupy me all day long.

I am an outdoor sleeper at night, although I probably would enjoy sleeping inside as well if given the option. I settle quickly on my bed after a snack and will probably not disturb you until daylight. I rarely bark so you can regularly expect a good night’s rest.

Where I can be frustrating is going for a walk. My favourite option so far is the beach – I love it. The sand, the water, the smell and all the activity of other people and other dogs. I like meeting and watching various dogs without ever getting upset. Here I could probably stay for an hour or more. I enjoy the car ride there and back as well.

Around the streets is a different story. Although I am keen to go on a walk, it can become a stop-start episode more often than not. Fifteen minutes is probably enough for me on these walks and I am certainly not going to run you off your feet as my pace can best be described as leisurely. Different ground surfaces can confuse me and sometimes cause me to pause or change direction. Stairs are so far a no go zone as well.

My most annoying habit is to just stop in a random spot with no hint of when or if I might choose to continue. You will need to be patient as I will eventually move but it can vary in how long it takes!

Apart from this, my only other minor issue is a tendency to shed quite a bit of fur for a greyhound so be prepared to brush me regularly – luckily I quite like it.

If you can work with me on my walking and forgive any inconsistencies I might show in this, I promise to be one of the most easy-going, well behaved dogs you will meet. I have learnt a lot in my foster family’s home and will no doubt be a pet you can love and enjoy forever. 

If you would like to meet Allen, please contact the staff at GAP on 8243 7124.

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