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Hey there my name’s Dave!

I’m 4 yrs and nine months old, sleek, black greyhound with koala soft fur. My Foster Dad would describe me as calm, laidback and friendly.

My hobbies include laying on the couch, napping and getting cuddles. I love people – sometimes I get really excited when they come over and jump up for a hug. Once I’ve said ‘Hi”, I resume my people watching and pat hunting. My favourite things to do are walks on the beach and walks around the ‘burbs. I like walks.

I like to say hi to my fellow doggies and am generally friendly. All my friends at the dog park like playing with their toys or chasey but I’m too mature for these activities.

Similarly, liver treats don’t do it for me either. Sometimes Foster Dad will load my Kong with sardines (my favourite), which is confusing because I don’t know why he can’t just give them to me. 

Trucks, busy roads and sudden noises; such as a drink can opening make me nervous. Same if someone touches me when I’m sleeping – just call my name, and I will be ready for a pat.  My Foster Dad has taught me to “wait” and to go to my “bed” (only if I want to). I understand “no” especially when I get caught trying to sneak some human food. 

 I’m really excited to meet you, Love Dave!

If you would like to learn more about Dave, please contact the staff at GAP on 8243 7124.

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