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My name is Dyno!

My foster parents call me the “Velvet Sledgehammer” and say I am a big goof! I am a friendly boy who loves a cuddle and will greet you with a waggy tail whenever you come home but I haven’t quite learned that I shouldn’t jump as well. Because I haven’t worked out how big I am, I can sometimes bump you when I get too excited. My foster parents say that because I am otherwise a gentle sweetheart, this makes me the “Velvet Sledgehammer”.

I may seem sweet but I am a food ninja and because I am really tall nowhere is safe unless it is behind a closed door! I will steal it before you know what's happening! I love my teddies but I also like to collect your shoes, just to keep them safe. I am a good boy and I don’t eat them, but if your slipper is missing you should probably check my bed first.

I currently live with a family including 2 children who are 10 and 11. I love them heaps and I have to be around them whenever they are home. I will follow anyone if they leave the room just to make sure they don’t need my help! The exception is if I am busy getting plenty of rest! I sleep on my own dog bed, but I have also been sneaky and used the bed in the spare room once my family are in bed. So I may need to be taught that the bed is not ok if you would prefer I stopped being so sneaky!

Because I can be a bit of a boof, I may play better with older children. However, I am learning and if you help me I think I can behave around little people.

I also live with another greyhound Piper who is teaching me that being boisterous uses valuable resting energy and this has chilled me out quite a bit. We are best friends and practice sleeping as much as we can and when we're not sleeping we are ganging up to con treats. I think I would prefer a friend to talk to if you go out but I might be ok on my own as I can amuse myself.

I am really good with the toilet and I can go all night. When my family go out all day I sleep outside. But if they will only be a few hours, I can be trusted to wait until they get home to go to the toilet. I need to be inside if it’s stormy or there are fireworks as I get a little nervous. I’m not too scared but I need a cuddle.

I have also played well with several other dogs including some poodles. I don’t really notice small dogs and other dogs are my friends. I sometimes get nervous if they lick my face but I am learning that it’s ok. I haven't been around any cats.

I love walks when I get them but I am not bothered if I don’t get one. When we walk I trot serenely on a loose lead. And I absolutely love car rides.

So if you want to cuddle the “Velvet Sledgehammer” give GAP SA a call on 8243 7124.

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