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Hi my name is Fiesta but I answer it Fifi!

 I'm a 3year old very cute black greyhound that is full of character! Least I think so!

Since coming to my foster home I have discovered lots new things. I like going out for car rides, walks and racing around the garden.  I sleep all night with my foster brother in our room on our own, we can also stay by ourselves for most of the day but there is nothing more exciting than when my foster parents get home and I can show them what I have collected on my bed, especially slippers!   I've even collected a book and I didn't mark it, no drool or teeth marks, that takes a very special talent ya know!

I'm a bit cute and naughty sometimes and I will climb on my foster parents bed which they don't like and make me get off, but the human bed is so soft and cushy I just can’t resist!

But, I don't climb on the sofas, well not that my foster parents know about anyway. (wink wink)

I don't live with any small people although I have had a play date with a 4 year old who was very kind and let me follow her around after I had got over my initial excitement but beware!  I did steal a few of her toys and put them on my bed (giggles) , but she could take them off my bed without any fuss. I don’t mind sharing. I was really just trying to teach her how to redecorate!

I follow my foster family all around just in case they have time for cuddles which I like lots of and will happily share with my forever family soon.

My ideal family would have another doggy for company while they are at work or out. A family with kids would be fine too, 5 years old is a nice age to play with and let me rearrange their toys.

I think I am the “catch of a lifetime” so make sure you tell the ladies at GAP that you would like to meet me! I will be waiting.

Luv, FiFi Fiesta! xxxooo

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