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G’day. I’m Junior – young for my years – but I’m no baby – I’m as smart as a whip – you won’t trick me twice! 

Truthfully, I’m an outdoorsy type of guy. Happy enough to be left on my on to do my job as carer of the house and yard, while you are off in your human world – if someone comes visiting I’ll be sure to let you know.

I spend some time with a Jack Russell a few times a week we like playing tug-of war and having a bit of a play.

I sleep outside and sometimes inside depending on the weather and my mood, I am very adaptable like that. I can be left outside up to 8 hours during the day and when you are home from a hard day from being out and about I love to snuggle by the fire on my mat with toys, humans and any dog visitors. 

I’m a tad old fashioned and cautious when it comes to car travel and crowds – but I will calm eventually and slowly I am becoming more tolerant and able. 

I love to walk and I’ve become pretty capable on a lead now too. No problem if you miss a day if I have a large yard I’ll happily gallop around and exercise myself. 

It’s worth noting that I’m living with two large men in my foster home and they give me quite a startle every time they get up – I can be a little nervous around them at the start of each day. 

Not so with my foster mum, though – I’d like to try and sit on her lap – I’m cool about little people too – the neighbours’ kids lead me around by my collar. I like them – especially because we like the same toys I suppose!

If you would like to meet Junior, please contact the staff at GAP on 8243 7124.

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