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This is Mack!

He is happy to eat next to his foster brother, whom he likes to spend time with

He loves treats but will let you take them off him if he is asked politely

He doesn’t collect toys or shoes and if by accident he takes something he will happily let you take it off him

He loves his bed but will need some space when he is sleeping as he can be a little startled when he is woken up without notice.

He loves walks and goes hyper when he sees the lead and can pull a bit until he has had 5 minutes to calm down

Mack loves little children and gets very excited to see his nieces and nephews but will calm down quickly

He can be left alone for a couple of hours at a time but doesn’t like being left alone in the kitchen for some reason.

He lives with another dog so will need a doggy friend for company. 

Mack will be available at our Adoption Day on Friday the 26th of May!

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