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Woof! My name is Romeo!

I am a 3 year old fawn greyhound. I am a very handsome fellow and worthy of the name Romeo!

I currently live alone with my foster parents. I bonded to my foster humans very quickly and looking forward to doing the same with my new forever family.

My favourite things in life are food, walks and car rides! I love food and get fed morning and night after my humans eat. I also love chewing on big juicy bones. They can keep me occupied for hours! I am also very gentle and sweet when given the treats so I don’t hurt your fingers!

I love walk times too! I walk with my foster mum twice a day around the block or to the park and I am very good on the lead. I have met lots of neighbourhood dogs on our walks who I always want to say hello to. I am very friendly with most dogs but sometimes need reminding not to be rude to the little ones. I specifically like evening walks because it puts me to sleep for the night. If I don’t get an evening walk I can sometimes be full of beans in the morning.

It took some getting used to, but now I love car rides! I can jump up into the boot by myself and I love sticking my head out of the window! I have been on all kinds of car adventures to the beach, the park, friends’ houses and coffee shops. On the way home from our adventures I usually nap in the back the car.

My favourite toys in the world are fluffy squeekers! I particularly like my fluffy pink duck which I carry around the house with me. I am good at sharing my toys with my humans and like to play tug of war! I also like to roughhouse and play with my foster dad, especially in the morning after breakfast.

Above all, I love pats! Especially when you rub my ears. I am a very affectionate boy and sometimes I rub my head along your legs like a cat when I want to say ‘I love you’ or when you get back after being away for a few hours. If I’m feeling really affectionate I’ll put my heat right under your armpit for maximum pats!

I also don’t mind if you pat me on my bed, so long as I get pats! It’s also ok if you move my bed around the house so I can be closest to you as you move to different rooms throughout the day. The only thing is I can get a little startled if I’m sleeping and you accidentally step on me or something! When this happens I get scared and do one big ‘bork!’

Usually I don’t like to be left alone for very long because I get lonely. If you do go out, I prefer to be left inside with access to outside so I feel safer. When I go get left alone outside its best if you give me something to play with, like a bone or a chew toy filled with yummies!

Romeo will be available at our Adoption Day on Friday the 26th of May!

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