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Ruffy is nearly 4 years old and is a confident, friendly and excitable dog looking for a foster home.

Foster care requires a dedicated individual or family to take a greyhound into their home and spend approximately six weeks assisting the greyhound to learn behaviours that are desirable in a domestic pet. Foster carers assist the greyhound with the transition from life in a kennel environment to life in a family home. 

Ruffy would be best suited to a home where he would be the only dog.

If you foster Ruffy we will provide you with the following:

  • Collar, lead and muzzle
  • Walking coat
  • Winter coat
  • 18kg bag of dry food
  • 6kg pet mince
  • Training guide
  • Feeding guide
  • Flea treatment and worming tables
  • $25 per week gratuity payment

Ruffy will be available at our Foster Day on Saturday 24th March.  If you are interested in fostering him please contact the GAP SA team on 8243 7124.

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