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Hi, my name is Cilla!

I am a happy, laid back and fun nearly three year old black greyhound. I’m only a little girl at 25kg but I make up for my size in loving personality!

I live with my foster mum, and her greyhound Bella. Bella has a sore paw at the moment and has had to have the bandage changed daily, I’m proving to be a helpful (or not so helpful depending on who you ask) nurse by supervising with the bandage changes and the physiotherapy to help Bella’s paw heal.

I like to mix up my sleeping spots and don’t really stick to one place. When there was some exciting thunder and lightning a few weeks ago I enjoyed the show, in fact I went out and slept on my bed outside to watch the lightning show! Otherwise sometimes I sleep in the laundry, outside, in the hallway and in the lounge depending on how the mood takes me.

I am playful and like to collect things, to start off with in my foster home I did have a chew of a few things but now I get various things to play with and pull apart. I’ve enjoyed pulling apart a phone book that I was given and love my toys. I’ll need some environmental enrichment toys to keep me occupied but I’m pretty easy going otherwise.

I’d like a medium to large sized friend to play with during the day, I’m a little boisterous for small dogs and I’m too interested in cats to be suitable in a cat home. I’m very friendly with everyone though and love pats and cuddles.

If I sound like the right fit for your home I’d love to hear from you! Please call my friends at GAP on 8243 7124.

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