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Hi, I’m Cruz!

I am an affectionate and relaxed four-year-old boy. Like a typical dog, I like my food (including sardines), pigs ears, toys and 30 minute daily walks. 

I am rather a tall dog and can see over the tops of tables and benches, so it would be better if you kept any items you don’t want me to touch further out of reach. Like other greyhounds, I like collecting things and taking them outside for further inspection.   If you catch me with anything I’m not supposed to have and say no I understand what you mean and will drop the item on the floor.

I am ok with other dogs and people who I might meet on my walks or come into the house.  I am very good walking on a loose lead - I don’t pull on the lead and you will hardly know I am at the other end of the lead. 

Regarding toileting, my current foster carer leaves the backdoor open for me during the day so I can go as I please or I often go when I am on my walk.   I need to be let outside before I go to bed so I don’t go inside during the night.

Occasionally I will do a mad run in the backyard, running in circles at quite a pace like I was reliving my racing days. Most other times I like to lie inside where you are and just relax and sleep.

I am not a needy or demanding dog and am very chilled out and will settle quickly into a new environment.

If you would like to meet Cruz, please contact the staff at GAP on 8243 7124.

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