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My name is Ebony and I think I am a gentle, lively, very intelligent 3 year old girl.

I live with an older Border Collie that I get on well with, but would prefer a young doggy friend to play with as the Border Collie just looks at me like I’m nuts when I role the tennis ball towards them for the fifth time!  Since the Border Collie doesn’t always want to play I have learnt to play games on my own occasionally picking up the tennis ball, running around and then dropping it for it to be rolled away again by my hoomans. I think this game has some potential!

Tummy rubs are my favourite thing along with cuddles, cuddles and yet more cuddles. In my garden there are chooks in a thing called a coop so I don’t get to play with them, but it can be fun watching them flap about and lay something called an egg. My foster mum says that I shouldn’t live with any more chickens just to be sure.

My table manners are very good and I'm not interested in sneaking snacks, I believe it’s called bench surfing. The hoomans sit on something called a sofa and sleep on a big squishy bed but I know that I am not allowed to do this. However, when no one is looking I do try to sneak onto the sofa or squishy bed but I always get found out before I get comfy.  I have a teddy bear that I play hide and seek with, this is my bestest friend and I love finding where they have hidden my teddy bear. I have developed magpie tendencies and do like to collect things but do not chew them, I just like shiny, sparkly things!

Often my hoomans go out in the motor car, I enjoy this time as I get to play in the garden. The only things is I do get a bit bored after a while so would prefer someone who is at home a bit to keep me company.

My wish list is for a young active family that will take me on walks, play with me in their backyard, a younger doggy friend for company and if possible lots of visitors so I can meet new people and be the centre of attention. I really need people home a bit so am told I need to ask for people who work part time?  If you think I might be the one for you, please ring the nice ladies at GAP and tell them you want to come and meet me. Love from Ebony

If you are interested in meeting Ebony please call GAP 8243 7124 and we will arrange!

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