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Hi, my name is Jack and I’m a happy, laid-back 3 year old black greyhound.

My race name was Grumpy Jack but really I am the happiest ‘hound you’re ever likely to meet! My tail is always wagging and sometimes hits everyone and everything around me but I can’t help it, I just get excited!

I’m currently living with my foster family which includes my foster mum and dad, their 2 smaller children who I love, therefore I would love my new home to have children as well. I also live with 2 smaller dogs (who I don’t mind at all!) and also a cat who I tend to ignore and stay away from as he hisses at me! But even he is starting to get used to me being around and is realising I’m not such a bad guy despite my long legs and snout!

If there is one thing you should know about me it is that I love cuddles. Not just little cuddles but BIG cuddles! I will lean on you for hugs and kisses all the time, just so you know!

I also love sleeping, napping, sleeping, napping and lying around. I will follow you around until I find a spot to lie down which is sometimes directly behind you, wherever you stop. I have been known to lie down on the kitchen tiles and have a quick snooze while my dad or mum finishes the dishes!

I like going for walks and I’m good on the lead and only pull if I want to stop and smell something!

I know a few commands like ‘no’ and ‘wait’ but generally I’m just very well behaved by nature. Although I must admit I have dug a couple of holes outside but my foster dad thinks if he gets me more toys or gives me more walks I might not do it too often… Depends how good the toys are! … hehehe… But I am a very good boy.

I don’t steal food or try to get up on the kitchen bench and I sleep on my bed not the couch. If you put me outside when you go to bed I won’t need to go to the toilet until the morning and you won’t hear a peep out of me until then either. I’m ultra-quiet. I’ve barely barked or growled in front of my foster family since I’ve been with them! Unlike those pesky Jack Russells I’m living with! They use way too much energy up barking and yapping, not sure how they do it!  Although I’ve just started playing ball with them and I could get used to that! If you let me outside I don’t cry to get back inside, I’ll just go to sleep on my outside bed until you come get me. But just remember to come get me before I get too cold!

One thing you need to know is I have Pannus in my right eye which will be an ongoing condition but it’s easily treated. My foster dad holds me like I’m ready to get back in the starting boxes and puts a drop of medicine in the eye before breakfast and tea each day. I’m getting really used to this now and if you keep giving me my food straight afterwards as a reward, it’ll just continue to be an easy routine. The odd schmacko doesn’t go astray either!

My foster family and I get along so well, it will be sad to part but they know I’ll make a great companion for another lucky family!

So if you think I sound like I could be a good match for you and your family, then give the GAP SA office a call on 8243 7124 and they’ll make it happen!

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