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Hello, my name is Joker and l am a stunning 2 1/2 year old “Blue” girl although l do look grey.

I am currently living with my foster mum and her greyhound Jeddy Bale who has been a truly wonderful teacher to me.

I love being with my people and will let you know when someone comes to the door as l make a good watch dog for being a greyhound. I will admit though if they come in l run for the hills hehe.

I absolutely love going for car rides and almost all the time jump in by myself with some encouragement and before you have left the driveway l am laying down.  l haven’t been one of those sticky noses that feel the need to put their long snoot out the window to see what’s going on, l would prefer to just relax and sleep if you don’t mind.

I eat anything and everything you want to give me as l really am not fussy at all l also like to eat between about 5.30 - 6pm. I sometimes wake up in the morning with a very grumbly tummy so l will need a little breakfast.

I am still learning the walking on lead stuff as l am what they call an adolescent teenager l just want to go go go but my foster mum keeps telling me slow down and hopefully that will happen very soon. When you decide it is walk time l will go a little crazy, you just need to keep telling me “wait” I am getting very good at the “wait” and “walk on” when crossing the road.

Finally, l don’t care about little dogs, can love and leave them, l get on well with anyone and everyone and would really like a doggy companion.

Well that’s it from me, hopefully you will adopt me into you family very soon and l will just kiss you to say thanks.

If you would like to learn more about Joker, please contact the staff at GAP on 8243 7124.

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