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Hi all, my name is June I am a laid back, chilled 2yr old black female greyhound.

I live with my foster mummy and daddy and a 1yr old whippet named Jasper, he is very playful, like all the time. I love to run and play in the yard especially when there are multiple toys involved. I can take the easy way out and wait for Jasper to bring the ball closer before I get a hold of it and return it. But only sometimes as I know I’m the fastest dog on the block.

I admit I may have a little bit of a hoarding problem when it comes to shoes, pens and assorted things, but mum always swaps them out for something I’m aloud and I’m slowly learning to leave my foster mum and dads stuff alone.

Long walks are my favourite but not too long as I can get tired easily, I’m a very gracious walker and like to keep an eye on everyone and make sure they’re safe by falling back a little and letting Jasper take the lead.

I can sometimes be rather mischievous at times when no one is looking, I like to be very inquisitive into what’s being prepared on the kitchen bench or dining table, but a stern “No” or “June” will set me straight. A little patience and practise is all I need and we will be perfect together. On the other hand, if I’m not caught I will generally give myself away by acting out of character and go hide somewhere (usually under the table.)

My bed is my comfy place; I have no dramas when you tell me to go “on your mat” or “On your bed”. I know exactly what you mean and am more than happy to oblige.

My foster parents are making me share rooms with Jasper as they won’t let me in their room which I'm fine with as long as I do have access outside because it’s embarrassing when I need the toilet and can’t reach the grass in time (if you know what I mean). I feel so terrible when accidents happen inside, but mind you they’re super rare.

Well, in conclusion I love cuddles and spending time with everyone and with a short time to settle in and learn the boundaries I’ll be a great new member of your family.

If you would like to meet June, please contact the staff at GAP on 8243 7124.

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