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Hi, my racing name was Long Gully Karen, but you can just call me Karen. 

Im very well behaved, my foster mum even forgets I’m here sometimes. My foster brother is a kelpie and we have lots of fun together, I’d love to live with another dog who can play with me. Whenever my foster brother is too busy to play I try to get my humans to play by doing a little dance. I like to do my zoomies outside at least once a day. I also like to collect shoes and put them in my bed or on the couch, don’t worry though, I have no interest in chewing them, I just think they look better there. 

My favourite things are squeaky toys, but scratches and walks! I loooove walks and get so excited when I see my lead. 

I haven’t mastered using the doggy door yet but I always let my human know when I need to go to the toilet with a little bark and a sprint to the back door. 

But most impressively, I can SIT, I’d love to show you sometime!

If you would like more information about Karen, please contact the staff at GAP on 8243 7124.

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