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Hi there, my name is Rex.

I am a happy, cuddly and playful three year old black greyhound.

I love getting pats and cuddles, and I know not to go on the inside furniture. My favourite is to have my thick fur brushed. My foster Dad says I can only get brushed outside because my hair goes everywhere. Like other greyhounds I get occasional dandruff, but this can be treated with canned sardines a couple time a week. Speaking of food, it's also my favourite, especially turkey necks. However, be warned, I can be quite the food sneak and take anything unattended on the counter. 

I also love going for walks and my on lead behaviour is good but at times can find it overwhelming and freeze. My foster dad reassures me and pulls me along until I get going. Walking the same route also helps to reassure me. Being the smart boy I am, I can get bored, resulting in the occasional chewed object around the house. My dad gets very mad but I think it’s worth it.

I’m friendly and playful with other dogs and especially polite around smaller dogs. I get weekly visits from a young 2 year old Italian greyhound. She is my good friend. I love showing off my speed and doing a zoomie around other dogs. Sometimes this scares my friend so she stays out the way.

I’m really excited to meet you, Love Rex!

If you would like to learn more about Rex, please contact the GAP office on 8243 7124.

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