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Hi, my name is Rio and some of the things I love are naps, cuddles, naps, squeaky things, naps, and naps.

There is nothing I love more than being in your company, and I could happily spend the whole day lying at your feet while you go about your business.

I do get a bit sad when my foster mums leave for work, but can cheer myself up with a bone to chew, a squeaky toy, and a good lie down in my happy place in the garden. The only time I don’t like being alone is when you’re home having fun with out me. Why can’t I join in? I’m part of the family too!

I love a nice walk in a quiet area, and am very calm when meeting other dogs along the way. My fosters mums say I’m a funny boy because I’m far too smart to play fetch (it’s my toy, why would I bring it back?), but thankfully I’ve invented a new game where my foster mum throws a toy, I grab it and hide it in my bed, then return to her waiting for the next toy to be given. They still need some training in that game.

I can’t wait to meet my forever family, and will be ready with lots of cuddles!!

If you would like to know more about Rio, please contact the GAP office on 8243 7124.

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