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Hi I’m Rocky! Or Rockdog as my foster dad likes to call me!

I’m a 2 year old (3 in April!) big blue boy greyhound and my race name was ‘Yes No Perhaps’ which actually sums up my attitude to exercising pretty well! I like to go for short walks to get out and about but I do tire pretty quickly! What I really love is to lay around anywhere, anytime in the house and will gladly sleep away most of the day. But if you do happen to get up to go somewhere, I will follow you!

Me and my foster family are constantly getting tangled up trying to get past each other in the hallway when he changes direction! I just like to be where my foster family is and can get a little sooky if I’m outside on my own while you’re inside but I don’t want to miss out on family time! However, having some smaller doggy company around does help and they are fun to play with in the yard! I currently live with 2 Jack Russell X’s who are somewhat crazy, particularly the shaggy one but we get along well and I put up with – and join in with – their mischief all the time!

I also live with a young foster brother and sister of the human variety. They adore me because I’m really cuddly and full of kisses! They are always cuddling me and including me in their games. Which is quite frankly exhausting sometimes! So my foster mum and dad are always making sure they aren’t bugging me too much and that they leave me alone when I’m having a nap or eating. I’m a good eater and happily eat all my kibble and also don’t mind the odd Schmacko, Dentastik or pigs ear! I also sleep through the night really well. My foster dad made me up a comfy bed but I refused to get on it! I appreciated the effort but I just like to sleep on a rug on the floor.

If you don’t mind the occasional smooch from a ‘hound and love cuddles, then give GAP SA a call on 8243 7124 to arrange a meeting! 

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