Greyhounds for adoption


  • Male
  • 3 Years Old
  • No Cat Potential

Hi, my name is Boomer and I am looking for my furrever home!

I am a friendly boy who loves a cuddle, scratch and a brush.

I am extremely friendly and playful. I love to play with my teddies and go for a good walk where I will stop before crossing the roads. I will let you know you when I’ve had enough of a walk by putting my head in front of you to tell you it’s time to go home.

I currently live with my foster dad who takes me to visit his grand children who are 12 and 13. I love to be around them whenever we visit. I will follow anyone if they leave the room just to make sure they don’t need my help!

I’m a good boy when you go out and can be left home alone for around 4 hours without any issues! I could possibly be left alone for full time hours if I had the company of another calm, medium-large dog. I really do not like big bones but love Turkey and chicken necks.

I sleep on my own dog bed, I will sleep all night as long as I go for a toilet visit before we settle.

Although I am fairly quiet I think I would like to live with a family but as long as you care for me, I could live just about anywhere.

I am very good with going to the toilet outside. I am good at asking to go during the day and can last all night without having an accident.

I am very happy to meet new dogs but not a big fan of cats and would not be suitable living with cats but would be fine living another medium-large dog. 

I absolutely love car rides and sleeping.

Looking forward to meeting my new family.

Boomer x

If you are interested in adopting Boomer please contact the GAPSA staff on 8243 7124.

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