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Med/Large Dog Company-Not Cat Potential

Hi, my name is Bridget but everyone calls me Bree!

I am agorgeous, playful and energetic girl with a cheeky sense of humour.

I live with 2 adults and a crazy Kelpie. She is my best
friend and I love to play zoomies with her and then collapse into my clam to
cool down before we go again. I love playing with my squeaky toys – the louder
the better – and I am beginning to play with tennis balls – just like the
Kelpie does!

I am extremely smart and very responsive to training. I
don’t counter surf and I’ve never made any attempt to climb onto beds or
lounges. But that’s probably because I have a quilt of my own to stretch out
on. At night I sleep like a top, upside down, and I don’t need to go outside
until morning.

I love my walks! I’m only 18 months old, so I need two walks
a day, and my goal is to meet as many people and dogs as I can. I wag my tail
and bobble my head when I think someone might stop for me, but if they don’t
it’s no big deal. I’m perfect with dogs and humans of all sizes, although small
children and little dogs might find me a bit hazardous at home when I’m doing

I’m always ready to go for a ride in the car, so that I can
hang out the window and feel the breeze. I’m particularly partial to going to
the beach, where my favourite activity is bouncing around in the water.

I’m happy to share my toys with the kelpie and I have
very good manners around food. My favourite foods are sardines, sausages and
chicken. I do like to collect things and put them on my bed though – but not to
chew, just to keep safe.

I follow my humans around as much as possible, to make sure
that I’m there if they need anything. I must have the company of another dog,
or a human home most of the time, because I don’t like being on my own.

If you would like to meet Bridget please contact the staff at GAP SA on 8243 7124

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