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Hi, my name is Grace and I am a 3-year-old blue female greyhound looking for my furrever home. 

I am a very friendly yet very timid girl looking for a nice quiet home to live out my retirement. 

I currently live with my foster mum and her son which suits me well as they are both patient, quiet and very loving towards me. As I mentioned, I am very shy and don't like loud noises, abrupt movements or being approached straight on. Due to this I would require a quieter home without children and either as an only dog or with very placid and calm medium-large dog company. 

I am a morning girl, I like to wake up nice and early and either have my breakfast or go for a nice morning walk. I do however only need roughly 15-20 minutes walking as I can freeze on my lead and will need you to be patient with me, I am still learning the sounds and smells of the big, wide world, but I will get more confident with time! 

I LOVE treats, fritz, really any food I am very happy and respond well to (which apparently makes my training easier). 

I love collecting things, sometimes its my toys, sometimes its my foster mum's glasses case or other random items, I don't destroy them, I just collect them on my bed but will gladly swap them for a tasty treat! 

I am a very lovely girl, love pats and affection and can't wait to get more from my furrever home! 

Looking forward to meeting you, 

Love Grace x

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