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Hi my name is Oswald!

I turned two years old the other day so I am really still a puppy but a big friendly puppy.

The good part about me being two is that I am yours for a lot longer in dog years.

I like affection and give it a lot so you will need to teach me when enough is enough!

As a young dog I get very excited to see my foster carer in the morning getting the lead as I like going for walk.

I like to play with dog toys and they are all over the yard most of the time.

I am a good eater and I like most things, however I am not keen on pigs ears at the moment but I like bones very much!!!

I like seeing other dogs and I don't get cranky at them.

If you would like to learn more about Oswald, please contact the staff at GAP SA on 8243 7124.

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