Greyhounds for adoption


  • Female

  • 5 Years Old

  • No Cat Potential
  • Requires medium to large dog company

Spirited Shelby ... Black | 25kgs 

Shelby, who raced under the name "Spring Fresh", is an affectionate, energetic, playful, and fun-loving young girl who is excited to find a forever home to call her own! Shelby would love to live with another higher energy medium to large male canine friend who will enjoy playtime as much as she does! Shelby loves her toys and enjoys rounding them all up on her bed one by one and then doing this all again onto another bed. She is also a foodie and enjoys everything that she is given to eat. Shelby absolutely loves people and is very affectionate however she can be a little boisterous at times so she would do best in a home with no young children (kids 10+). She will be happy to stay at home for full-time hours as long as she has her doggy friend to keep her company. Shelby is best described as a pocket rocket and bundle of happiness and would be best suited to a more active family!

Shelby has no potential to live with a cat. 

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