Greyhounds for adoption


  • Female

  • 3 Years Old

  • No Cat Potential
  • Requires medium to large dog company
*On a Meet and Greet*

Introducing you to Tanya (Premier Choix)... Black | 27kgs

Tanya is a playful and excitable girl who recently passed her green collar assessment and is now looking for a forever home! Tanya would ideally go to an adoption home with another medium to large doggy friend as she likes to have company. She is happy to stay at home alone, with her doggy friend, for up to 10 hours! Tanya travels really well and she absolutely loves getting out and about in the car. She is quite playful and can live with kids 8+. Tanya enjoys her walks and is really great on lead. She is also a real foodie and loves her evening dinner as well as all the treats she can get! 

Tanya has no cat potential. 

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