Greyhounds for adoption


  • Male

  • 4 Years Old

  • No Cat Potential
  • Requires medium to large dog company

Hi, my name is Bart, I’m a 4 year old, fawn and white, loveable rogue. 

I live with my foster family, Mum, Dad, 3 teenagers and another greyhound.  She’s not at all interested in me and prefers to be the only dog.  Much to my chagrin!  I’d like to be friends but she’s just not interested.  I’d be a great mate to any dog so my only ask for my new home is that I have another medium-large dog for company! 

I’m very playful and like lots of exercise, including a long walk every day and chasing a ball in the backyard (I walk nicely on my lead but I don’t like busy roads).  I also like to steal fluffy toys and slippers and take them into the yard to play.

Like most greys I’m obsessed with food and I’ll help myself if given half a chance.  I also like to chew anything and everything.  I love my squeaky toys but the squeaker doesn’t last long. I’d benefit from some additional training but I’m learning and know “lie down”, “bed”, “in”, “out”, “no” and I also know that I’m not allowed in the kitchen (not when people can see me anyway). I would best suit a home with older children (13+). 

I have the sweetest face and you will fall in love with me in no time.  I particularly love to lie on your feet and snuggle into your legs in the evening in front of the TV.  I sleep next to my foster Mum’s bed but I know not to get onto the furniture.

I have beautiful eyes and I’d love to stare deeply into to yours.  I’ll be your best friend.

Bart x 

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