Greyhounds for adoption


3 Years Old
No cat potential
Children over 12
Happy with or without company
Can be alone for part time hours

Beautiful Blinkey (Just Jack)  Black | 32kgs 

Blinkey is a tall and handsome boy who can be shy to begin with, but when he opens up he will glady accept all your pats!

Specific requirements:

  • Blinkey can be your one and only dog, or live with a calm medium to large female dog.
  • He can happily do part-time hours alone, or full-time hours with dog company.
  • He's suitable to live with kids 10 years and older.
  • Blinkey is not suitable with cats, poultry or pocket pets.

What we have noticed:

  • Blinkey enjoys doing his basic obedience training, especially if it means he gets yummy treats! 
  • He may take a little bit of time to settle in, but with a consistent routine he will be very happy. 
  • Blinkey's favourite things are pats, playing with his toys, running around in the backyard and then flopping down in the grass. 

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