Greyhounds for adoption


  • Female

  • 4 Years Old

  • No Cat Potential
  • Requires medium to large dog company

Have you met Ella?... Black | 32kgs 

Ella is a very affectionate and sweet lady who has recently passed her green collar assessment and is now looking for the perfect adoption home! Ella would love to live with another medium to large doggy companion who she can have a great time playing with. She really loves her toys, especially those that are fluffy or squeak and really enjoys doing zoomies in the back yard. She also really enjoys getting out and about on walks, especially to the beach! Ella would do best going to a home with older kids 12+. She would prefer to go to a home where she is able to have access to inside and outside and is happy to stay at home for full-time hours while you are away from the house. 

Ella has no cat potential. 

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