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Hi everyone, my name is Flora aka senior sunshine! 

I am a beautiufl and mature 8-years young and looking for a furrever home to live out my retirement. 
​I have been living in foster care for the past 6 weeks with my two foster carers and another male greyhound, Humphrey who has been my partner in crime.

I am very laid back and placid, love to just relax and lay around the house snoozing but I do also enjoy a zoomie here and there and a good run around with my foster brother. I am very quiet and easy going, you sometimes will forget I am there! 

I am a morning dog, I love waking up early and going outside to enjoy the fresh air so if you are a morning human I look forward to our walks together. I am definitely a foodie, I love my kangaroo chews and pigs ears and breakfast and dinner are my favourite time of day! ​

All I ask for in my new home is someone who is home quite a bit as I love company and dont like being left alone and a home that is quiet and without cats. Another medium-large dog isnt a requirement but will be fine so long as they are placid like me. 

I cant wait to find my furrever home and live the retired life of sleeping, cuddling and eating with my new family. Please note I do have a condition called Pannus which isnt anything serious but I do require eye drops daily (which I am SO well behaved for might I add!). I do also have a low grade heart murmur which doesnt affect my quality of life or amount of love to give. I have a HUGE heart and a lot of love to give my new family, I cant wait to find them. 

If you could offer me a quiet home to live out my retirement I would be so grateful and can promise to fill your life with love and laughter. 

Love Flora xx

If you would like to meet Flora, please contact GAP SA on 8243 7124.

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