Greyhounds for adoption

Heidi & Woody

2.5 Years Old
No cat potential
Children over 12
Happy with or without company
Can be alone for full time hours

Heidi & Woody ... Black | 24kgs & 33kgs 

Heidi & Woody are a bonded pair who are true to their animated namesakes. Heidi is joyful and adventurous, while Woody is loyal and dependable! 

Specific requirements:

  • Heidi & Woody are a bonded pair that are required to be rehomed together and could go with another medium-large dog for company 
  • They can stay at home for full time hours with each others company 
  • They are better suited to a home with children over 12 
  • Not suitable to live with cats, poultry or pocket pets.

What we have noticed:

  • Heidi and Woody are a pair of happy, cheeky, fun-loving big kids who are looking for a family who will interact and love them
  • They’ve both excelled in their foster ‘snuggle’ training – definitely earning an ‘advanced’ certificate!
  • They love being with people and their big brown soft eyes will stare adoringly into your face while you pat and cuddle them, with Woody ‘patting’ back when he feels your attention has strayed from the task at hand
  • Woody is a smoocher and a bit of a dufus, all long legs and body; Heidi is more independent and smaller – visually, they’re twins in an Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito way!
  • They’ve spent their foster time together in a home with lots of different dogs as friends, so are well socialised, although Woody can still get a bit excited when meeting small dogs
  • Their paddock friends have been sheep, horses and chooks and they’re always well-behaved when saying hello through the fence
  • They know their names and will come when called in true greyhound style .… if they feel like it and there’s nothing more exciting happening elsewhere!
  • They’re food-oriented and have had a healthy varied diet during their foster stay so aren’t picky about trying different fresh foods
  • They play tug of war & share toys, so aren’t resource possessive
  • They like the beach and love going for walks
  • Woody in particular loves car rides and will sit in the car (with the doors open) for hours if allowed. Heidi is more mature and understands cars are for going places – not just sitting in!
  • Heidi’s passion is to collect tea towels and bathmats - she apparently believes the décor of the house would be improved if they were on her bed!
  • Neither are destructive and have never chewed something that’s not their own
  • New life lessons include that garbage trucks aren’t evil monsters, strange humans will give them pats on walks and there really aren’t real dogs hiding behind the TV! 

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