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Junior is an adolescent larrikin (3 years and 10 months) still working out his place in the world.

He is generally a happy fellow but sometimes needs to retreat to his own safe place.

Junior has an eye condition called pannus which will require the use of eye drops – these are inexpensive and can be obtained from a chemist with a script. He has no issue with having these administered.

He enjoys the company of other dogs but could manage without a playmate and he loves his squeaky toys.

He is happy to be left inside alone for at least 4 hours, he would probably go longer as he settled in but he does not tolerate being left outside alone for any extended period. 

He loves people and can be a little overenthusiastic in his greetings, he is also inclined to be a bit strong on the lead at the start of a walk.

He loves squeaky toys, especially the big Kong  balls and is very affectionate.  Junior is inclined to be a little anxious at times and requires a patient leader, he would be best in a home with a fairly good routine.  He is a delightful fellow who simply needs to mature a bit more to be an exceptional pet.

If you would like to meet Junior, please contact the staff at GAP SA on 8243 7124.

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