Greyhounds for adoption


3.5 Years Old
No cat potential
Not Suitable Children
Happy with or without company
Can be alone for full time hours

Lucky Levi … Brindle | 30kgs

Levi, formally known as ‘Astronomy’ is an excitable boy who loves people! He is looking for a forever family to enjoy life with!

Specific requirements:

  • Levi can live as an only dog or with a medium to large female dog friend
  • He can stay at home for full-time hours with or without company
  • He would prefer to live with no children or with teenagers 
  • He is not suitable to live with cats, poultry, or pocket pets

What we have noticed:

  • Levi is a friendly, happy boy!
  • He loves his cuddles and pets and is very affectionate
  • He is very friendly and will push his way into you for pats
  • He is super chilled inside and will lay on his bed all night long! He doesn't move except to follow his humans outside.
  • He doesn’t like sharing his teddies with other dogs
  • Levi loves his treats especially roast chicken and frits
  • He responds to his name and is getting familiar to the words wait, back, no and good boy

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