Greyhounds for adoption


  • Female

  • 4 Years Old

  • No Cat Potential
  • Is suited as an only dog

Lovely Lucy ... Black | 28kgs

Lucy, also known by her race name as Fabulous Lucy, is an affectionate, friendly, and loving girl who is now ready to find her forever home! Lucy's favourite things include: cuddles and pats, especially ear rubs, food like pig's ears and chicken, and going for walks. She walks very nicely on a loose lead and loves to have a good sniff as she's going. She also likes to run around playing with her ball and soft toys but she can be a little unsure of squeaky toys. Lucy would be best suited to living as an only dog as she prefers to have her own space and wants all of the cuddles and attention to herself. Lucy can sometimes be a little unsure of new people but has been improving with this everyday! She hasn't spent any time living with children, so would be happiest going to a home with older kids. Lucy has been left alone for up to 3hours in her foster home and would be happy to be left for part-time hours. Lucy's foster carers describe her as being sooky, loving, funny, and entertaining! 

Lucy has no potential to live with a cat. 

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