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Hi, my name is Max which is short for Maximus or Maxamillion, it’s up to you.

I am a 3-year-old, black greyhound and weigh a proud 36kg!

I’m pretty happy to amuse myself with my favourite toys, or just chillin’ by lying around. While happy by myself, I do love a bit of love and will look for cuddles if you don’t seem to be doing anything, sometimes confusing myself with a lap dog!

I love walks with my foster parents, and loved it when grandkids came and stayed – they are so affectionate and cuddly – plus they love playing too!

I will lie down on my bed if you are eating and will wait to be offered scraps or plates to engage in a bit of prewash duty but I try and give you your space during meal times.

I would love to be on the couch but am not allowed, and I’m cool with that. I sleep with my people in their room although not on their bed because that would be a bit weird…plus they take up too much room!

I even help with the gardening, even the lawnmower is ok. I love to help in the shed if there is something going on. I’m pretty sure that I’m the reason it’s happening.

I would suit a home with or without kids, if there is another dog please make sure he or she is medium-large size so I can rough and tumble! And please, no full-time workers, I love your company too much to go that long alone!

I cant wait to meet my furrever family, could it be you?
Love Max x

If you would like to meet Max, please contact the staff at GAP SA on 8243 7124.

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