Greyhounds for adoption


1.5 Years Old
No cat potential
Children over 8
Suitable as only dog
Can be alone for part time hours

Outstanding Odi ... Blue | 33kgs 

Odi (short for Odin), who was an unraced pup, is looking for a forever home to call his own! He is still a puppy and has a very playful and fun-loving side. Odi would do best in a home with multiple people to love him and help him to come out of his shell to be the beautiful family pet he has the potential to be!

Specific requirements:

  • Odi is best suited to living in a home as only dog 
  • He will require a home with multiple people who can shower him with love
  • He can stay at home for part-time hours while his humans are away 
  • He is happy to live in a home with children 8 years and over 
  • Not suitable to live with cats, poultry, or pocket pets

What we have noticed:

  • Odi is very gentle and affectionate with everyone and isn't the least bit interested in pursuing his 'sight hound' traits!
  • He loves to be brushed and tolerated his baths well
  • He also has great lead manners and will patiently wait for his food to be placed in front of him
  • He is fantastic on lead and enjoys his walks and jogs through the hills and wide-open parks 
  • He does have quite soft paws though and would prefer to only be walked on soft surfaces like grass, sand or compact dirt
  • He has his playful moments and enjoy his zoomies and chasing toys in the backyard
  • Odi's favourite treats are lamb and chicken training treats, peanut butter and cheese!
  • He can often be found cuddling up to his humans in the evening or snoozing on his big fluffy bed with his favourite toy!

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