Greyhounds for adoption


4 Years Old
No cat potential
Children over 12
Happy with or without company
Can be alone for part time hours

Fantastic Fred ... Black | 32kgs

Fred is a gorgeous and friendly boy who loves meeting people and other dogs. He will be your shadow; if he even thinks you might leave the room, he'll be up by your side in a flash. 

Specific requirements:

  • Fred is happy living as an only dog or with a medium-large female dog for company
  • He is comfortable staying at home for part time hours or full-time hours with company 
  • He would best suit a home with children over 12
  • Fred is not suitable to live with cats, poultry or pocket pets  

What we have noticed: 

  • Fred is very affectionate and will come to you for cuddles frequently
  • He has excellent name recall and listens well 
  • He walks well on the lead when handled properly
  • Fred loves the car as he knows it will take him somewhere new and exciting! 
  • He likes to be nosy and see what you are eating or cooking but doesn't beg for food
  • He has never tried to sit on a couch or bed and won't unless he is taught to 
  • Fred navigates stairs very well so two-storey homes are no issue 
  • He likes to "relocate" soft items; you may find that your belongings mysteriously move around the house, but they will never be damaged
  • Likes soft toys the most and he loves to chase and play

Things to be mindful of: 

  • He gets upset if you are in a different room and he can't get to you; he will want his own bed in one person's room.
  • He is best distracted with a bone when left in the house alone to keep him occupied.
  • He likes to come up for a standing cuddle with his paws on your chest or shoulders when he is excited, but is learning not to jump at people.
  • He has a tendency to slam his butt into you in a funny, playful way if he wants more pats, but this may send small children flying.
  • He is more than happy to be petted on his bed from a standing position, but doesn't like you sitting or laying down next to him in his space.
  • He will give a little growl or a bark when he is unhappy with something, but has never come close to any physical aggression (assuming you walk away and give him space, at which point he will follow you and immediately be your friend again).

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