Greyhounds for adoption


2.5 Years Old
No cat potential
Children over 8
Requires medium to large company
Can be alone for full time hours

Joyous Jimmy | Brindle | 33kgs  

Jimmy, who never raced, is an energetic and fun dog who loves going on walks, and doing zoomies in the back yard!

Specific requirements: 

  • Jimmy would best be suited to a home where he has another medium to large dog for company.
  • With his dog companion he can be left for full-time hours.
  • Suitable for children 8 years or older.
  • Not suitable with cats, poultry or pocket pets 

What we have noticed: 

  • Jimmy loves to learn and would benefit from regular obedience training.  
  • He enjoys doing zoomies in the back yard and playing with humans. 
  • Once his Zoomies are out of his system he will settle nicely. 
  • Jimmy gets extra excited to go for his daily walks!
  • He would like to stop and sniff at as much as he can when out on walks.
  • He prefers to lay on his bed next to his human when he is in the house. 
  • Jimmy is a social butterfly and adores pats from his people, and from everyone he meets out on walks. 
  • He can be a little overzealous and bark with excitement when you get home. 
  • Jimmy has started basic obedience training which will help his transition into his new home. 

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