Greyhounds for adoption


4.5 Years Old
No cat potential
Children over 5
Happy with or without company
Can be alone for part time hours

Regal Ryder ... Black | 33kgs

Ryder, who raced under the name ‘Aston Bintang’, is now looking for his forever home!

Specific requirements:

  • Ryder can live as an only dog or with a medium to large dog companion
  • He can stay at home for part-time hours alone or full-time hours with company
  • He is happy to live with children over the age of 6
  • He is not suitable to live with cats, poultry, or pocket pets

What we have noticed:

  • Ryder is a gentle, loving boy
  • He loves to play fetch with soft toys, footballs, frisbees, and tennis balls
  • He has an adorable snaggle tooth, that adds to his cute charm
  • Ryder is in our women’s prison program and has learnt his name, touch, leave it, waiting at gates, and waiting for food

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