Greyhounds for adoption


3 Years Old
No cat potential
Not Suitable Children
Suitable as only dog
Can be alone for part time hours

Hopeful Homer ... | Fawn Brindle 

Homer, formerly known as 'Chequered Copper,' is a gentle boy looking for a patient and special home.

Specific requirements:

  • Homer would prefer to live as an only dog
  • He is fine to be alone for part time hours
  • Homer is not suitable to live with children as he needs a quiet home
  • He is not suitable to live with cats, poultry or pocket pets

What we have noticed:

  • Once Homer gets to know you, he loves snuggling and gives wonderful eskimo kises
  • He can be very playful first thing in the morning
  • Homer likes to collect items on his bed but has never been destructive
  • He would prefer to stay home where everything is familiar as he does not cope well outside of his home environment
  • He is well toilet trained - his cue to toilet is coming up for cuddles!!
  • Homer would love a large yard to run around as he loves to do zoomies
  • He would appreciate a digging pit as he likes to seek out hidden treats
  • Homer does well with a consistent routine and is happy to occupy himself with his favourite treats while his family is out of the home
  • He would prefer a female owner but would be fine with a quiet couple, ideally who work from home or are away from the house for minimal hours

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