Greyhounds for adoption


3 Years Old
No cat potential
Children over 8
Suitable as only dog
Can be alone for part time hours

Super Silly Sally … White & Black | 28kgs 

Sally, who is nicknamed ‘Sally Fashion’, is a friendly, energetic, silly and bouncy girl who is looking for a vibrant and fun forever home to call her own. Sally is currently part of our Mobilong Prison Program and will be sitting her Green Collar Assessment soon!

Specific Requirements:

  • Sally is happiest living as an only dog
  • She is happy to stay at home for part-time hours
  • She is best suited to a home with children over 10
  • Not suitable with cats, poultry or pocket pets

What we have noticed:

  • Sally is very loving, caring and sweet-natured   
  • She is a fast learner, intelligent and very food motivated, making training easy! 
  • She would benefit from an active home that can provide plenty of enrichment 
  • She sometimes jumps up on women but calms quickly 
  • She loves her morning walks and zoomies in the yard to burn off some energy 
  • Sally would benefit from a family that can continue her training 
  • Sally can be cheeky at times but really is a diamond in the rough! 

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