Greyhounds for adoption


  • Female

  • 4 Years Old

  • No Cat Potential
  • Requires medium to large dog company

Terrific Tulla … Black | 29kgs

Tulla is an affectionate, friendly and sweet 4-year-old female greyhound looking for an adoptive family. Currently living with a male greyhound called Bill, Tulla is seeking a forever home with another male greyhound as she enjoys the company and is comfortable being around another hound for confidence. Tulla is best suited to a family that are out of the house for part-time hours as she prefers being around her family more often than not. Tulla is very affectionate and loves getting a pat, cuddle and will sometimes give kisses too! Tulla loves going for walks and walks well on lead alongside her brother and foster family. She also loves eating, especially in the form of treats and pigs ears! Tulla is better suited a family with older children (12+).

Tulla is not suited to live with a cat or any pocket pets.

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