Greyhounds for adoption


  • Female

  • 3 Years Old

  • No Cat Potential
  • Is suited as an only dog

Introducing Xela (pronounced Zella) ... Black | 25kgs 

Xela is a quiet, affectionate and sweet little girl who is looking for her adoptive home! She has been living in foster care as an only dog with 3 adults and would be best suited to stay as an only dog but could live with children 10+. Xela would love an active family as she enjoys her daily walks, doing zoomies and playtime. She is currently on medication to manage her hypothyrodism and this will be an ongoing requirement for Xela. Due to this condition, she does tend to feel the heat and cold more than other greyhounds so would best suit a family that is home often or where she is able to stay indoors. She would also best suit someone who works part-time hours. 

Xela has no cat potential. 

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