Does Your Greyhound Feel Safe in Their Own Home?

Jun 01, 2021

Does Your Greyhound Feel Safe and secure in their own home?

We all love our greyhounds and want to be able to provide the most loving and comfortable homes for them. Just like people, dogs want to come home to a house and family where they feel safe, secure, comfortable, and cared for - this includes having some personal space and alone time. Despite our best intentions, we are often guilty of ‘over loving’ or smothering our dogs and do not give them the space they need and desire. This can lead to stress and anxiety and cause related behaviours along the way.

Now I know what you’re thinking, ‘but my greyhound always wants to be with me and loves their snuggles and pats’. Yes, while this is definitely true for some, we need to remember that our greyhounds need to choose these interactions and they also need options of places to go when they want to be on their own.

Giving Your Greyhound Space 

Whether you are just beginning the rewarding journey of fostering or you have provided a forever home for your greyhound, it is important to set up a ‘safe space’ for them in the home. They don’t need to have or be in a room of their own, but somewhere on a nice, comfortable dog bed where they can curl up and sleep without worrying about the outside world. Space where there is minimal foot traffic, so they are not being disturbed and somewhere quiet where they are away from the mayhem of your family’s day-to-day lives. Laundries, alcoves, and spaces in the living area off to one side are some examples that may work in your home.

It is important to remember that when your greyhound is on their bed and in their safe place, we do not touch them or disturb them. We want your greyhound to feel as safe as possible.

Creating a safe place can be used in conjunction with mat/bed training to help teach your greyhound that this space should be used when they are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or even wary of new people in their home.

Greyhounds and Children

Even the most gentle, tolerant, and quiet greyhound who loves playing will need their time away from young children to rest and reset. Allowing your greyhound to retreat to their safe place when they are finished playing for the day is the best way to maintain a happy bond between your greyhound and your children. It is VERY important that children are taught and understand the boundaries surrounding the greyhound and do not approach them on their bed or while they are resting. Please remember to always supervise children when interacting with greyhounds, as without space and boundaries, your greyhound may start to show signs of being unhappy, stressed, or anxious.

Jumping up on the Furniture

We have all heard the term ‘couch potato’ when referring to greyhounds and their love of lounging around sleeping all day. It may seem like a good idea then to allow your greyhound to use the couch or even the human bed as a place to sleep. However, it is important to remember that most greyhounds have never had to share their sleeping place with any other pets or humans. Although your greyhound may look happy and comfy, all snuggled up with the couch cushions, they may not be as happy to share this space with you. If your greyhound attempts to get up on the bed or the couch, utilise treats and encourage them off and onto their own beds or their safe space. This will discourage your greyhound from thinking of the furniture as their area and encourage the use of their area.

It is important to remember that while your greyhound may seem happy to share the couch or bed while they are awake, they are deep sleepers and can startle quite easily once asleep. Encouraging them to use their own beds is for their happiness as well as your safety.

By following these tips above, you can support your greyhound in adjusting to their life as a pet and help them to feel as safe and secure as possible in their home.


Picture: @picturesofdoriangreyhound

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