Greyhounds for foster


  • Female

  • 3 Years Old

  • No Cat Potential
  • Is ok with or without dog company

Say hello to Joy ... Brindle | 25kgs

Joy (race name: Aston Joyner), is an excitable and friendly young girl who is looking for the right foster or foster to adopt home. Joy would like the company of another medium to large male dog who is able to teach her how to be a pet or she can also live as an only dog. She will be happy to stay at home for part-time hours if she is living as an only dog or full-time hours if she has a canine friend for company. Joy can sometimes be a little boisterous and is very friendly with people, so is best suited to living with children 13 years and over. Joy also has a minor eye condition called Pannus which is easily manageable with regular eye drops. Joy would be best suited to a more active home.

Joy has no potential to live with a cat.  

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