Greyhounds for foster


2 Years Old
No cat potential
Children over 5
Happy with or without company
Can be alone for full time hours

GT Mustang... | Black | 28kg | 

GT was named after the Ford Mustang as he has the GT stripe down his nose.  Unlike his name sake however, he was too slow for racing and is now looking for a loving foster home.

Specific requirements:

  • GT would like to live either as an only dog or with a medium to large doggo companion.
  • He is fine to be alone for full time hours with or without company.
  • GT can live with kids 5 years or older.
  • He is not suitable to live with cats, poultry, or pocket pets.  
  • GT has had experience around cattle.

What we have noticed:

  • GT is a friendly and loving boy who has had experience around children ages 7 and 12.
  • He loves to be around people and loves a pat and a cuddle.
  • GT loves going on walks where he can meet new people and new doggo friends, however, he can get a bit excited and needs his family to help him with his socialisation skills.
  • He also loves going on ‘sniffari’ walks and exploring new surroundings.
  • GT is a bit of a foodie and would like to try all different types of enrichment for his daily meals.

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