From Track To Lounge

Greyhounds do not have any awareness or fear of cats

Many greyhounds are able to get along with a variety of other pets, including cats.  We evaluate our greyhounds to determine their disposition towards cats and other small animals.  A greyhound tested and deemed cat tolerant is only cat tolerant with the cats it has been tested with.  For the safety of your cat you should take great care when introducing your new dog to your cat and NEVER leave the two alone until you are certain that they are comfortable with each other.  We suggest your greyhound be muzzled until you are comfortable that your new greyhound will not chase your cat.  GAP SA is able to provide a suitable muzzle for use during initial introductions.

Greyhounds have no road sense

It is the law that greyhounds must always be on a lead when in a public place, including designated off lead areas or dog parks. Greyhounds are sight hounds and once they are running to something they have seen in the distance, it is very difficult to recall them.  Couple this with the fact that they can see clearly for up to one kilometre and can travel at over 60km per hour, it is unsafe for them to be off lead. 

Greyhounds don't know about glass

Most racing greyhounds have not been exposed to glass doors and windows.  It is important to introduce a greyhound to these items to ensure their safety. A good idea is to, temporarily, ​place a piece of coloured tape on the glass so your greyhound can identify it easier.

Greyhounds don't know about fridges, washing machines, clothes dryers and vacuum cleaners

Appliances such as these are second nature to humans, to a greyhound they are new.  Be conscious of the noises that these appliances make as they may frighten, confuse or upset some greyhounds. With a bit of reassurance your greyhound will soon understand that these appliances are neither threatening nor frightening.

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