Who We Are

An initiative of Greyhound Racing SA, Greyhounds As Pets (formerly the Greyhound Adoption Program SA) - you can also call us GAP SA - is a non-profit organisation dedicated to finding homes for both retired and non-racing greyhounds and also educating the public about the gentle nature of the breed.

Through increased public awareness, GAP SA aims to educate people about greyhounds by showing them as they really are: affectionate, gentle animals who thrive on human companionship. 

Established in 1997, GAP SA has worked tirelessly to rehome more and more greyhounds each year. Our mission is to ensure that all unraced and retired greyhounds are afforded the opportunity of finding a permanent, loving home.

Other greyhound adoption programs are also successfully run in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, 
Western Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand.

GAP SA aim to improve the image of these sleek, athletic dogs and find loving homes that will bring happiness to both the owners and pets.


Without a group of dedicated sponsors and volunteers Greyhounds As Pets would not be capable of driving the success that has been possible in recent years. We thank them for their tireless contribution and the passion that they bring to the program.

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The GAP SA process

Want to learn more about the process of fostering or adopting a greyhound? Its quite a simple process really!

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