Feeding Guide

Feeding guide

It is best for any dog to have a diet of both wet and dry food.

We recommend a good quality dry food along with some quality minced meat. It is recommended to avoid commercial dog rolls or cans of wet food. 

Your greyhound can also eat

  • Safe raw or cooked vegetables
  • Raw turkey necks or marrow bones - for good dental health. Please limit these to once or twice per week and ensure they are an appropriate size and definitely not cooked
  • Regular dog treats or chews

Foods to avoid:
Alcohol, coffee, avocado, apple seeds, rhubarb, cherries, stone fruits, macadamia nuts, grapes, sultanas, onion, raw potatoes, chocolate, salty foods, tomato plants, citrus, xylitol, mushrooms, uncooked yeast dough


  • To avoid your greyhound getting bloat, place your greyhounds food and water at a raised level, e.g. on top of a crate, or even a specially made raised food bowl holder.
  • If your greyhound has difficulty eating dry kibble, you can mix approximately ½ a cup of warm or cool water with their kibble to entice them to eat.  Slowly reduce the amount of water added to encourage them to chew the dry food and aid in good dental health
  • avoid walking your greyhound 30 minutes before and after meals
  • do not feed you greyhound with other pet dogs – always keep them separate at meal times

Feeding guide:
Please follow the below feeding recommendations as a guide for your greyhound:

Morning:  1 cup dry & ½ cup wet meat        
Evening:  2 cups dry & ½ cup wet meat

Morning:  1 ½ cups dry & ½ cup wet meat   
Evening:  2 cups dry & ½ cup wet meat

Male 35kg+:  
Morning:  2 cups dry & ½ cup wet meat  
Evening:  2 cups dry & ½ cup wet meat.

Clean fresh water should be available at all times. Never leave your dog without water. Many greyhounds also like to wet their feet so a bucket or paddle pool may come in handy.

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