Adoption Process

Step 1 - Research

Greyhounds make great pets, but that doesn’t mean greyhounds are suited to every family environment! We recommend that you start by doing some research and making sure that a greyhound is the right choice of dog for your situation. This website is the best place to start and you can also call GAP SA office if you're unable to find the relevant information or have further questions. GAP SA also hold numerous  Greyhound 101 information events which we highly recommend to would-be adopters as we cover everything you need to know about this beautiful breed. We also have plenty of staff on hand at our events to answer questions as well as having – most importantly - greyhounds in attendance to meet and greet!

Step 2 - Apply

After deciding that a retired greyhound is the right choice for you and the family, browse the greyhounds available for adoption on our website to find one that’s requirements match your family and home environment. Once you find the perfect greyhound for your family, you’ll then need to complete an application form for that greyhound! Filling out this form as accurately as possible will assist us with processing your application.

A GAP SA team member may contact you to find out more about your family and home environment to ensure you’re a perfect match for the greyhound you applied for.

Step 3 - Processing

Once submitted, your application will be considered by our Foster and Adoption Officers, who may call you to discuss your application further. We will check your information and home situation which will enable us to see whether the greyhound you wish to foster or to adopt is suitable for you.

You will be notified within 48 hours if your application has been successful or not.

Should you not be successful on your first application, all you need to do afterwards is visit our website and apply for another greyhound by clicking the “Already have and Application” button, rather than filling out a new application form each time!

Step 4 - Taking your Greyhound Home!

We run designated handover sessions at GAP SA Office at Angle Park with our Foster and Adoption Officers. During this meeting we will provide you with all necessary information and you can then take your new best friend home with you!

GAP SA provide ongoing support and assistance following adoption.

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