Mobilong Prison Program

The Mobilong Prison Program is an integral part of many of our greyhounds transition from life in a kennel environment to that as a pet in a home. Our prison program prepares the greyhounds for their new lives as pets!

There are many things around the home that we take totally for granted, however, we must remember that most greyhounds have never experienced a home environment before. Some kennels can be quite sheltered and this means that when you invite a greyhound into your home there will be a great many things that they have never seen before and may not initially understand. Despite this, greyhounds learn very quickly and with a little bit of reassurance and understanding from you they will adjust to these new situations in very little time.

The greyhounds are taught proper manners and are taught how to soicalise within the new environment, with other dogs. GAP SA uses Positive Reinforcement Training which will assist in building the dogs confidence and enjoyment of training whilst building a trusting relationship with their carers.

To adopt a greyhound-graduate, please email for further information.

Browse our Mobilong Prison Program Graduates below:

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