What does your greyhound say about you?

POSTED Jun 09, 2017

If you’re also suffering frostbite and seafood cravings, our topic today is guaranteed to warm you from the inside out. (Secondary effects include spontaneous greyhound adoption.)


The world has spoken! Greyhounds are the best dog ever.

POSTED Jun 02, 2017

For six weeks you’ve taken mine and Dave’s word for it. Greyhounds are the best! we bark. Adopt a tall, skinny pup! we plea. Your life will be changed forever and ever amen! we shriek while roaching on the couch. But there’s a limit to how persuasive one gal and her silky black hound can be. Thus, we decided to collect stories from around the globe to back us up.


11 comebacks to 11 greyhound objections

POSTED May 26, 2017

It took me three goes to type ‘greyhound’ and ‘objections’ in the same sentence. My hands seized at the keyboard, clouds swept over the sun and somewhere in the distance, a lonely hound howled. Those two words don’t go together.


Part 2: Pets (erm, greyhounds) as therapy.

POSTED May 19, 2017

This week, Dave donned a monocle and spoke (in secret dog lingo) to Professor Anna Chur-Hansen from the University of Adelaide about pets and their impact on human health.


If you’re feeling blue, get more grey in your life

POSTED May 12, 2017

Tapping my plastic and grabbing the snacks, I glanced once more in Dave’s direction. He now stood, tail wagging and snout extending towards a woman as light as a leaf.


7 things only a greyhound owner will understand

POSTED May 05, 2017

It’s 8 in the morning. The sun has lost its summer oomph and is now a pale presence in the living room, providing little warmth. Dave and I are rugged up accordingly - me sporting an itchy woollen beanie, Dave, a pinstripe felt kimono with a big bow tied around his waist.


Renting? Think you can’t adopt a greyhound? Think again!

POSTED Apr 28, 2017

Do you dream of owning a castle, complete with rolling paddocks, puddles and a smattering of delectable doggie treats for your hounds to roll in?


Looking for your soulmate? Here’s one we prepared earlier.

POSTED Apr 21, 2017

Love at first sight. I was never a believer. It was something that happened to Meg Ryan, and occasionally when faced with a fresh almond croissant.


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